Some of the businesses we have partnered with… so far.


Hopscotch is a local bakery led by pastry chef Kaya Tate. Her artistic dessert creations and skillful marketing have brought success and growth to the business. A new bakery + cafe location is coming soon.

Our Role: Lender.  Financed renovation of new facility


Inprentus makes optical blazed diffraction gratings to extreme specifications enabling performance levels not previously possible.

Our Role: Equity Investor, Lender and Board Observer


SNOOZ is a modern-looking and great-sounding sleep noise machine. No harsh or repetitive digital tones — it uses a real fan blade to produce the smooth, acoustic sound of moving air.

Our Role: Lender. Financed first production run.



Photonicare is working to bring a new medical device to the detection and treatment of middle ear diseases, especially ear infections in children. Their handheld otoscope can not only see the exterior of the eardrum, it uses optical coherence tomography (OCT) to see through the eardrum to what’s behind it. Their ultimate goal is to reduce overuse of antibiotics, avoid unnecessary tube surgeries, and expedite effective treatments based on direct observation of the infection.

Our Roles: Lead Seed-Round Investor and Advisor


Virtual Auditor detects, scans, and profiles numerous devices and resources to increase security and compliance across your network. It covers network devices, virtual hosts, databases, OSes, & web applications.

Our Role: Lender


BoxCast is a complete, easy-to-use live streaming solution for organizations. Here’s a nice intro video. The company allows colleges, high schools, churches and businesses the ability to create stunning, professional live video experiences with minimal effort.

Our Role:   Seed-Round and Follow-On Equity Investor


Farmers-Merchants National Bank is a three-branch community bank headquartered in Paxton, Illinois.

Our Role: Shareholder and Member, Board of Directors
Exit: Acquisition Announced


ATS Acoustics manufactures and sells sound-absorbing wall panels and other acoustical products at reasonable prices with flexible, made-to-order customizations.

Our Role:   Owner, Founder, and CEO


Former / Exited Portfolio Companies


ATS Rentals provides online rentals of projectors, video cameras, and other A/V gear, shipping to events and productions nationwide.

Our Former Role:   Owner, Founder, and CEO
Exit: Sold to LensRentals.com



Central Illinois Aviation is run by top-notch flight instructor Nick Zink. The company’s own Cessna 172 is available for flight instruction and for rental use. Nick provides a full range of flight instruction services, aerial photography work, commercial pilot services, and more.

Our Roles: Lender and Consultant
Exit: Paid Off