A CEO for the Next Level – ATS Acoustics is Recruiting an Experienced, Savvy Leader

This is an opportunity to take the reins and lead a successful organization to a bigger future. Oversee all aspects of ATS Acoustics. Lead the management team. Direct product and marketing strategy. Maintain key vendor relationships. Drive results across the business. Collaborate with me to write the next chapter of what ATS could be.

Qualities we are looking for: emotional intelligence, skill in leading people, digital savvy, decisiveness, ambition, high accountability, positive energy. This job will require you to wear a lot of hats, and challenge you to bring a broad A-game of skills and influence.

About the company: ATS Acoustics manufactures and sells sound-absorbing acoustical products, including fabric-covered wall panels, wooden sound diffusers, bass traps, and ceiling baffles. Our primary customers are music facilities, houses of worship, schools, and the contractors that build them. The company has produced excellent results for almost 20 years, and we see significant potential to grow under ambitious new leadership. ATS is strong in digital advertising, online lead generation, and e-commerce sales. Our team is currently around 35 people. Our facilities are 5 buildings in Piper City, IL and office space in Champaign, IL. Our culture is hard-working, scrappy, and small-town caring.

Reason for the Change: I (Mark Aardsma, Managing Partner of First Leaf Capital) am the founder, owner, and existing CEO. My plate is full with multiple endeavors including managing First Leaf Capital’s Venture Capital fund. I am looking for a CEO more experienced and skilled than myself in leading growth in a manufacturing business. I will transition to an advisor and chairman of the board role.

Experience requirements: Multiple years in a management role at a manufacturing and/or physical product fulfillment business. Five years or more as top leader (chief executive or equivalent) in an organization with at least two layers of management.

Locations: Two to three days per week at the factory in Piper City, Illinois. Other days at our offices in Champaign, Illinois.

Compensation: Salary, bonus, and equity compensation target $300,000 per year, depending on results. Benefits: Paid Time Off, Health Reimbursement Account, Retirement program with employer match.

We value diversity and we encourage all qualified candidates to apply. Send your resume to ceosearch@firstleafcapital.com.