Uncertain Times and Unique Opportunities

We are living in times of remarkable change and uncertainty. The health and economic problems facing the world are daunting. We are all affected to one degree or another during this time.

I am grateful that our fund has stable capital available to put to good use during these times. As usual, I am looking for the triple win of boosting the businesses we invest in, bringing valuable products and services to customers who need them, and generating superior returns for investors. I am hopeful this time will present unique opportunities to do all three.

I am actively seeking investment opportunities, including in these categories:

  • Local Partnerships: Central-Illinois businesses of all sorts with good track records and good future prospects who need a financial partner to get through this difficult time.
  • Secondary: Existing stakes in startups held by angel investors or others who would like to sell them to raise liquidity and/or shift their risk exposure at this time.
  • Startups as Usual: Especially those with extended cash runway post-raise and reliable demand for their product or service in uncertain future conditions.

Please send opportunities to office@firstleafcapital.com. Thanks!